Hand Forged Iron. In the Tradition of the Old World Masters

I have always had a strong connection to the natural world.
Being born in Vancouver and growing up in Calgary, I had ample opportunity to spend my life in some of the worlds most beautiful places.
These experiences drive my art and my life's outlook in general.

In my childhood I would spend much of my time outdoors as well as in historical sites and museums. Often I would study the ways cultures use to do things. It seemed
an honest and environmentally connected time. So when I saw blacksmIthing being done for the first time I knew my future path was set.

I began smithing in 1990 and it quickly over took my life. I would read and practice every chance I could. I jumped at all opportunities to learn under visiting craftsman from Europe and elsewhere. By 2001 I had advanced to where, I felt I could honestly
call myself a competent smith . From that time onward my occupation was blacksmIth
I now teach blacksmithing to the next generation of aspiring smiths and try to instill in them that fine forge work is not to be hurried. There are many modern tools and machines to make it faster but they do not make it better nor can it rightfully be called

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